Pilates Classes

Pilates classes will focus on building core strength and provide a full body workout to help strengthen and lengthen muscles. The beauty of a 1:1 or a duet class is that the sessions are tailored to you! Each session uses a variety of additional equipment like the jump board, weights and magic circles to ensure diversity and challenge during your weekly workout.

Please find below a variety of options to suit everyone, including reformer and mat work. 

Reformer 1:1s

The reformer is perhaps one of the most well known pieces of Pilates equipment or apparatus gaining popularity rapidly all over the world. It is made up of resistance springs along with a moving carriage to give the ultimate dynamic workout, this can be done lying, seated, kneeling and standing, there really is an option for everyone!

Reformer Duets

Enjoy all the benefits of reformer pilates with a friend or partner, sharing a class is a great way to keep motivation high and ensure some laughs along the way!

Mat work

Pilates mat work can be appropriate if you would like to build your confidence before taking on a group class situation, as instructors we love the mat work and it is integral in your pilates journey. If you would like to have a ‘mix and match’ style class we can incorporate reformer and mat work combined in a one to one session.