Yoga Classes

The term Yoga is one that has been around for thousands of years and simply means ‘union’. We translate this in our practice to union of mind and body by combining movement and breath work, yoga is a wonderful practice that can be enjoyed by all. We cater to all different abilities, from complete beginner to pre natal and beyond.

Hatha/ Vinyasa Yoga (one to ones or duets)

Reconnect the mind and body and unwind in a calm environment, class style involves flowing sequences leading up to a peak posture. Classes will be ability based and suitable for those wanting to deepen and explore their yoga practice.

Restorative Yoga

A Restorative Yoga practice aims to slow down a busy mind & open the body through passive stretching, beneficial to those who suffer from stress & anxiety. This class promotes deep relaxation & wellbeing using a variety of props to support your practice.

Restorative Yoga with Head Massage

The ultimate relaxation treat, a class combining restorative yoga poses and ending with a therapeutic head massage, one to ones only.